Welcome Uttuh – Our Palm Oil Free Soap Making Inspiration

This is  Uttuh

She is an Indonesian Orangutan who was rescued from a palm oil plantation by a wildlife organization.

They think that her mother was probably killed, since Uttuh was left in the middle of the plantation road.

When they found her, she weighed 8 lbs, but now she is 16.5lb.  She is completely dependant on the care of the Orangutan Foundation International.

She is very lucky that she was not captured and sold to the animal trade.

All this just for palm oil.  We can do without it.  We can stop ruining the lives of these fantastic, beautiful creatures that share 97%

of their genetic material with us.

There is an easy way to avoid losing the orangutans.

Stop buying products that contain palm oil.  Stop buying soap that contains palm oil.

Stop making soap that contains palm oil.

It’s easy.

If you would like a few recipes to get you started on the road to palm free soap making,

please, email me at rene@soapmakingschool.com or rene@karmasuds.com and I would be so happy to share a few recipes.  No strings attached, just help

us with our quest to stop this nonsense.

My sales manager, Karen and I have decided to foster Uttuh and give her a fighting chance .

Uttuh is our new inspiration for palm oil free soap making.

If you are interested in fostering an Orangutan or helping to protect Tanjung Puting National Park to keep the orangutans and other

Rainforest animals safe from extinction, please check out the Orangutan Foundation International at


and put a stop to the horrors that the palm oil industry has created.

Happy Palm Oil Free Soaping!!


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  1. Thank you for this information – I will be making my soap without palm oil.

    Uttuh is adorable! :o)

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