I really appreciate all the testimonials that were offered - René

I learnt to make cold process soap some years ago now but always had difficulty getting certain fragrances to stick
Carmel Leonard- Really Natural Skincare - Australia

& had many differing versions on the amount of water to use.  I actually only wanted to purchase the Hot process soap making, but ended up purchasing the full course instead. So glad that I did, as I did not realise what a wealth of information was going to be available to me.  And for the first time in my life, I am happy with the outcome of my hot process soap which I had always avoided after trying it once or twice and never having had good results.

So  far, I have made a  Goats milk & lemon Myrtle Hot process and the Rooibos tea and Vanilla one.  They are just wonderful and were ready to use in a few days.   I think I will now make many more of the HP soaps instead of the CP ones.  I am most impressed and the formula for finding the correct water amount is easily understandable, once I actually looked at the formula & worked it through.

Thanks for a great course!

I am a french soapmaker living in France and when I discovered soap making school, I was eager to learn more about soap making.
Séverine - France

Because this is what is magic with soap making, you always learn something new. Rene’s videos and tutorials are full of information and are so encouraging. Thanks for all your tips and tricks that you give as well in your blog.

> I will definitely recommend Soap Making School  to my fellow soap makers !

I took all soap making class and now I 'm making my own soap (liquid and bar) at home. It's a good choice to spend my free time.
soap, colorful, soap piece
Cristian – Chilliwack

Rene is a great instructor and everyone was comfortable at the end of class with the soap making. All the products I make at home as I learned during the class at Soapmaking school made a hudge  difference in my daily life. Using premium ingredients, no harsh chemicals, recipes chosen according to my skin type, very afordable cost are a few of the highlights  of soap making. Definitely I recommend it. At least take one class to start with, use the products you made during the class and decide after if you want to continue or not to make your own skin care products. “

I am so glad a took a soap making class with Rene. Making soap making will now be a fun rewarding hobby I think
bad, wash, soap
Theresa, Vancouver, BC

 I will continue to do for many years. The soap I made turned out really well, smells amazing and makes my skin feel great. I originally intended to give the soap I made as gifts but loved it so much I used most of it myself. I have very dry skin and have always needed to moisturize after a shower until I switched to using natural hand made soap. I will never go back to commercial bar soaps. 

Since taking the class I have been able to make more of my soap for gifts and try new recipes because of the easy to follow take home instructions provided at the end of class. I look forward to taking more classes with Rene and learning more about making bath products.”

I had wanted to learn how to make soap for a long time but was overwhelmed by the thought of attempting it on my own.
Jody - Victoria

. Rene’s soap classes have made the process simple.  She offers a wealth of knowledge in a fun environment. I can’t wait to take more classes!

Learning to make soap at Rene's Soap Making School was a fabulous experience and the classes allow you to really
Kylie - Abbotsford

understand the procedures while experimenting with the natural healthy ingredients to make your own unique soap recipes.

Rene's soap-making school is a brilliant way to look after your body by making soap where you know everything single thing that goes into it.
Lucca Hallex - Vancouver

After all, what goes onto our skin goes into our bodies. The class is accessible, fun, well-designed and informative. I highly recommend it!

I've been making soaps & lotions for some time now, Before I joined soap school I thought I had all the basics covered. Was I wrong. Thanks Rene.
Bill Prestia From N.Y
Taking the cold process soap making class was fun and very informative. Rene is very patient and a dream to learn from.
Rachele Harris - Vancouver

I recommend this class to anyone and hope everyone tries a homemade soap as it smells and feels great on the skin!

I joined the cold process soap making class to make a product for my boyfriend as he has battled eczema for his whole life.
Erica from Vancouver

His skin loves it, he loves it, and I love making it! Rene is a great instructor and I plan to take her other courses.

I enjoyed taking the cold press soap making class. Rene taught me all I need to know in making soap that
Suzanne Corriveau – Vancouver

that I feel comfortable making soap at home. Thank you was very helpful! 

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. I never had an interest in making my own soap
Marisa- Vancouver

and took your class on a whim with my sister in-law Jen. Well I am so in love with natural home made soap because my skin is so comfortable and happy! It’s been years since it’s felt this good. I want to learn and make more! You are a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you!


Since taking most of your different courses I have been using the soaps for face and shower. I like the shampoo
Mirian from Vancouver

face scrub and moisturizers. The dish detergent and scrub for sinks and tub are amazing. I can use these without gloves and my hands do not get dry.  I feel confident using these non toxic handmade products and people love getting these as gifts.  Best of all, Rene is very knowledgeable, patient and personable

I am so happy that I took Rene’s cold process soap making class. She makes the process simple
Hazel from Vancouver

while guiding the student step by step.    I nowhave soap for personal use as well as for gift giving, and I look forwardto taking some of Rene’s more advanced courses next year.

Rene is a wonderful person to learn from; she is patient, helpful and wants everyone to succeed.
Susan Holm Vancouver, BC

 So far I’ve taken 3 of her hands-on classes (CP Soap, Lotions & Bath Indulgences) and am amazed at how much info she packs into each class! We always get to take home goodies we make, which is awesome! And she provides worksheets/instructions so that we can recreate or create new recipes at home or in her studio – as she also rents her studio so we don’t have to buy all the supplies (especially great for products that have a short shelf life) AND she takes care of the mess! I highly recommend her courses!

Not only is she flexible, she's patient, fun and generous. I loved the soap I made,
Anne Scholefield - Vancouver

 as did my family. I plan to return for further fun with a friend.”

I've become a confident soapmaker thanks to Soap Making School. But really the best thing is that
Katie Paulson
Rene is right there if you have any questions.
And being able to access the videos online whenever I need to has been great.
If you’re not sure if you’d benefit from this online school or not, trust me, you will.
I looked for a long time before I purchased the program
and I’m so glad I did. Rene is a careful instructor who always keeps safety at the top of the list.
Here’s a picture of a couple of kinds of soap that I made using oil infusions.
Happy Soaping!
While beginning my venture into soap making, I ran across Rene's Soap Making School and I am so glad I did.
Marie Bastas - California

I not only got educated on soap making but got the added bonuses of Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, Hair Masques….the list goes on. Rene has a wonderful way of teaching that makes you go…..AW, that was easy!! Do yourself a favor….. sign up today!

I have "learnt" how to make natural soap (emphasis on learnt), both
Dr (Mrs) Rabi Ilemona Ekore, MBBS(Ib), MPE, FWACP Consultant Family Physician - West Africa

liquid and bar. From the different liquid soaps, I have made shampoo, bath gel and natural laundry soap. The bar soap is so great for bathing! I have also made facial serum, cold cream and lip balm. I will be making the others as soon as I lay hands on the ingredients. And the packaging styles I learnt from your video are so beautiful!

I have learnt that soap making can be safe, healthy and wholesome, and creative fun! I would love to recommend your soap making school to others here.

Thank you so much, for the privilege to be your student!


Out of all the videos I've seen online or on You-tube your's the best. You take your time to explain how,
Charlotte Lewis - Arizona

what, & when to do things and most of all I really appreciate how you omitted the noises when teaching.

There is nothing worst than missing an important vocal part in a video because of background noise!
You are very encouraging and people friendly.
Whatever question I’d ask or problem I’ve had, you always get right back to me with an answer or a solution and that’s much appreciated by me.
So, I would never hesitate in letting people know where they can learn recipes and techniques for soaps and such.
It's been 4 years since my daughter found a book free at our local library about soap making, but it was so not clear
Hélène G Pierre - France

I couldn’t use it, even I was facing skin challenges with my children.
I am sooooo happy that I found your classes, simple, clear and a back up support so friendly.
My goal is to become as experimented as my teacher Rene !
Thank you.

I went into this class not knowing what to expect or what would happen. Rene had everything broken down into easy and
soap making school organic natural soap
Natalie - Vancouver

straightforward components. If that was not good enough she had a DVD with a step-by-step process so we could do it when we left the class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. I went to the class and when I went home, my friend wanted to make a batch. So, we made one and she thought it was so neat just to see how it gets made and all the natural ingredients that were used.

I've always wanted to open a small business that would benefit people and also offer a great product.
Rose Carvalheiro - Springville-USA
I found soap making school online and started the course.
Rene is great and the classes taught me everything I needed to make natural soaps,
serums and creams.
Now I have many clients, friends and family using these amazing products,
I love knowing what I am putting on my skin!
I participate in green expos and the soaps are always the success!
I highly recommend Rene, she goes above and beyond to help you
and make sure you know what you are doing with confidence.
This course is priceless!!
With love, Rose Carvalheiro-Springville-USA
When I first became interested in making homemade soap I searched the Internet and quickly got
Tonya Hamlin

got overwhelmed with information.
There was just to much information to sift through. Then I found Soap Making School.
I am so very glad I completed it because I learned everything I needed to know about soap plus many more products.
It gave me the foundation I needed to start selling my soap, all in one place!

I think a lot of who we are stems from where we came. The struggles in life are not obstacles but opportunities.
Tammy - Vancouver

I am on a journey to improve my life and help others to improve theirs. This has been my goal probably all of my life. I teach nursing students and work per diem in a local ICU as an RN. My new passion however is making natural & healthy products with the guidance and teaching provided by Rene at Soap Making School.
My children, husband, sister, mother all love the products that I have made & now have new friends taking an interest in my healthy products. I was naïve as to the chemicals present in my body products, thinking they were safe…I now know differently.
I have learned a lot about the differences between detergent and soap & am more conscious of the marketing techniques used to appeal to the average consumer. I am most proud (and encourage) use of essential oils in my products. Even my candles. I appreciate the detail provided that explains the benefits of various essential oils that not only smell great but have many positive effects on and in the body in a way no fragrance oil ever could.
I absolutely love the video classes, they are very thorough and I can access them at any time. When people ask me where I learned to make such wonderful products, I am very proud to tell them I learned from Rene through her classes at soap making school. Her classes are life changing and well worth the invested time.
It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is…if your interested in making your own products to improve your body, mind, and spirit…then I would recommend becoming part of the karma suds/soap making school family. I love it! Thank You Rene,

Before I found soap making school I was spending a lot of time searching the internet for information.
soap, heart, drift wood
Emily Francis - London England

I found a lot of the info contradicted itself.
I felt like it was a better idea to take the classes from someone who has been teaching for a long time.
I found Rene’s classes and have never looked back.
Every question I ask her she was able to help with. I have not been able to stump her yet.
This lady has been a fantastic source of information.
Rene seems to have no problem sharing information that most professionals would keep to themselves.
The real value comes from the information she shares from years of experience.
Thanks Rene. You have no idea how grateful I am to have found you.

I really really loved the cold soap class I took with you in early May. I have given away two bars of my first batch,
hygiene, spa, soap
Gwenda Woodbury - Vancouver

and plan to give 4 more bars to friends over the next couple of weeks, so I need to make more soap soon! 🙂 I’m still using the beautiful bar you gave me from class so we wouldn’t cheat on the 6-8 wk curing process! 🙂 Love the texture of the suds and the fragrance and the way it makes my skin feel. 🙂

I have learned so much from the soap making school and Renee.
Valerie Stewart - Illinois

Her instructions are clear, videos are well done and I have found her extra added hints to be very sound. Her years of experience come through.

Thanks sooo much for the experience you gave us to learn a new skill!!!! My soap
Martha Sperschneider - Richmond

turned out soooo beautiful…I opened this morning, cut it and place it to dry.. I barely slept so anxious waiting for 9 am to open the package…jajaja I love it!!! I will be there soon. I have ideas of the future expectation from my learning, and how to help others as you do. Thanks again for the lesson!!! 

I absolutely loved taking your class on Saturday. You are an excellent presenter
Brenda Cofield

giving us just enough information that we need without overwhelming us newbies. My home is filled with the scent of Rosemary and Lavender, my bars of soap are curing.

All the best, Brenda

Thank you so much for all that you do!!! I don't know how you have time to answer individual questions
soap, laeh, shea
Patty - USA

all the time but you do.
I have asked a ton of questions and you are always there with a response to get me going. Your knowledge is just unbelievable!!!
I am still blown away by all the videos you have made. And you are still adding more!!! The videos are simply fantastic; they are so easy to follow.
I simply can’t thank you enough for starting me on this new path in my life, and for helping me along the way!!
God bless and take care!!

Although I have been making soap for several years, I am always looking for new information
soap, care, hygiene
Chris Wilkinson

and techniques. I was pleased to find your site. Your videos are very good for us visual learners and you provide a wealth of information from your own experiences. The course is valuable to anyone seriously interested in making soap. Thanks for continuing to provide new information for all of your students!

I've been studying and looking at what you created in your school... The Soap Universe!
soap, body care, natural soap
Bruno - USA

I’m amazed at all the information you created for us! I feel your passion, your creativity,
your details, you are an incredible dedicated woman that cares immensely and the thing is,
you never saw us or met us in person but I feel your presence! As you may know I live 30 minutes from
Washington DC if I lived closer, I would’ve helped you
in any way I could. I don’t know how you do it! But I want to thank you for it with all of my heart.
Thanks for all the assistance you gave me in times of “Panic” I always got an answer.
You are amazing! Thanks for everything Sincerely Bruno

Thanks Again for all your Wonderful Testimonials