Spider Be Gone Spray…. This REALLY works.

spider be gone spray for soap making school

I love spiders, I think they are wonderful and useful creatures that keep all of the annoying  insects in line.

This is a picture of one of my spiders.  He looks like he is on holidays with a picture of Mexico in the background.

I really think they are beautiful, but when they grow to be big and you see them running towards you in a dim lit room, they are pretty scary.  This used to happen frequently in my home, I live close to a wooded area, and they have come to live with me.

I have experimented and came up with a recipe that I would like to share with you if you are having issues with spiders too.

This spray is so effective, one good dose of this will keep you spider free for about a month.

Please note:  Citrus essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, bergamot, etc) are very bad for cats.  It affects their liver and can cause permanent damage.   If you have cats, please keep them out of the room that you are treating with this spray for about ½ hour.  This allows the spray to settle from the air.  After this time, you can let your cats back in the room.  Once the spray settles, it is no longer a problem for your cats.  I have 2 cats, so I put them in a separate room until it is safe for them to enter.

Please note:  You MUST use Real Essential Oil for this recipe.
Artificial Fragrance oil is not only filled with harmful chemicals, but it is not going to work.
You need the actual oils from the citrus in order for this recipe to be effective.

Here is the recipe:

1 Tablespoon Lime Essential Oil
1 Tablespoon Orange Essential Oil
1 Tablespoon Grapefruit Essential Oil
1 cup distilled water


Mix all of these essential oils and water into a glass spray bottle.

How To  Use Spider Be Gone Spray

Start by clearing out all of the spider webs in the area you are spraying.  If there are any spiders present, remove them (I capture them in a fabric net I made with light weight fabric and a bent wire clothes hanger) and take them outside.

Shake your bottle of Spider Be Gone Spray and spray around any cracks in the wall, around the windows and under any doorways or cracks in the floor baseboards.

Your goal here is not to saturate the walls with the spray, but to mist the areas that your spiders tend to come from and where they hang out.

This spray works because spiders eat what their “feet” touch.  Spiders DO NOT LIKE citrus.  If they don’t want to eat it, they will not walk on it. Problem solved.

I can keep a room clear of spiders for about a month, then if there are any signs of them re-entering the room (spider webs or actual spiders), I know it is time to spray the room again.

I hope you find this information helpful.

It took me awhile to work out this recipe.   I tried all kinds of other natural repellents.  Eucalyptus plants, acorns, and a few other essential oil blends.  This is the most logical treatment and this one works!!

Let me know if you have questions.

Take care


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  1. Id like to know where you can get them from as well. It’s worth a shot. I hate spiders!

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