Palm Oil Free Soap Making Challenge

Soap Making School woulkd like to thank all of the support they received for their Palm Oil Free Soap Making products and classes.

This Post is dedicated to everyone who has supported Soap Making School and Karma Suds.

By purchasing the Rainforest Series Soap and taking Palm Oil Free Soap Making Classes in Vancouver Canada, I was able to send a few donations off to Camp Leaky.

Camp Leaky is an orphanage for Orangutans who have lost their mothers to the Palm Oil Industry.

If you received this card with your soap during the holiday season, you are one of the many contributors of the donations:

Palm oil free soap card for Karma Suds rainforest series soap

Thanks Everyone!!

For all of you soap makers who have committed to
Palm Oil Free Soap Making,  here is a challenge for you.

If you have been wondering how you can contribute in a real way,
but did not know how or when to begin, here is the door way.

Camp Leaky Challenge

Through the months of March and April, I challenge you to raise money
for Camp Leaky through your Palm Oil Free Soap Making efforts.
The 3 soap makers who contribute the largest amount will be featured on
the Campy Leaky Challenge Page of my website:

You can post your site information, promotions or whatever you like, within reason.

You will also win a permanent link to your site, facebook or blog on the
right side of each of my pages on Soap Making School.

This is a call to action and an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.

This planet belongs to all of us.  Isn’t it time to help our friends who do not have a voice?

You can make your donations on the Orangutan Foundation International website

Good Luck Everyone.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I will post any updates on the Camp Leaky Challenge Page


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