at soap making school we make natural liquid hemp soap as well as castile liquid soap , almond oil liquid soap and coconut liquid soap.  Natural Liquid Soap Making
is an art.

Every oil that you turn into liquid soap has its own personality.

The soap making oils each saponify differently,
and they all dilute and neutralize differently.

You will see the different oils being turned into soap
on separate soap making videos in Soap Making School,
where we make many different liquid soaps
during the soap making classes.

Natural liquid soap making is similar to
the hot process soap making method,
but the alkali (lye) you will be using is different.

Instead of using Sodium Hydroxide, which we use for cold process and hot process soap making,
you will be using Potassium Hydroxide.

It takes longer to saponify than hot process soap making,
and there is a lot more testing for clarity and ph.

The best part of Natural Liquid soap making is the finished product.
All you are left with is the saponified oil, citric acid and water.

There is no Sodium Laureth Sulphate or
other harsh chemicals, and no parabens.

You don’t need to add a preservative because
fungus and mold can’t grow and survive at the natural liquid soap ph level.

at soapmaking school we make natural shampoo.  This is a great alternative from sodium laureth sulphate based shampoos.  You can make organic liquid soap to make organic shampoo.  The products you can make with natural liquid soap are endless.

Shampoos, hand soap, face cleansers, natural household cleaners,
dog shampoo, and body wash can be easily made with natural liquid soap.

Check out some of the liquid soap products
you could be making when you join Soap Making School.