Natural Exfoliants in Soap Making, Face Scrubs and Body Scrubs

Keeping your soap and skin care natural is getting easier and easier.  All the new ingredients
available to us is growing all of the time.

Here are some interesting natural exfoliants that are available to natural soap and skin care creators:

Baking Soda or sodium bicarbonate is very easy to find and cost effective, this is particularly good in
hot process soap when you add it to the batch just before you put it in the mold.
You can use it in a scrub and microdermabrasion formulas.

Quinoa Seeds are available from health food stores and bulk foods outlets.
These seeds can be used in both soap and a body scrub or face scrub.
It makes a very gently exfoliant for skin care.

Powdered lemon peel gives you a great kick of vitamin c and is an antibacterial ingredient.
It is especially nice in a face mask or face scrub.

Coral Powder is an exotic exfoliant .  This can be combined with spirulina or kelp to give
you a very luxurious deep sea face scrub.

Fig seeds are wonderful for a body scrub or as a soap exfoliant.  This can be used in both
hot and cold process soap making methods.

Angelica Root Powder makes a perfect, gentle face scrub and mask.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder is very detoxifying and looks beautiful in both soap and a face scrub.

Hibiscus Flower Powder is loaded with vitamins and can be used in a face scrub, body scrub or even a face mask.

Chia Seeds are nice in a face scrub or soap.  Both hot and cold process soap.

Dead Sea Salt can be used in face scrubs and soap.  Be careful not to add too much to your soap
since it tends to make soap crumbly.

Natural Mineral Zeolite is mined here is Canada and other parts of North America.
It is a fantastic detoxifier, antioxidant and ph balancer.  Here is a great source for this mineral:

Wendy, who creates the Fresh-N Home Products has made every effort possible to
find the purest zeolite available.

The mineral is ground, but to get the finest graduals, she recommends you use an organza bag to
sift the finer powder from the larger particles.  The powder can be used in a face mask or scrub
while the larger particles would make fantastic foot scrub soap.  Use for both hot or
cold process soap making methods.

Here is the recipe she recommends:

Wendy’s Organic Zeolite Foot Soap

7.2 oz organic coconut oil

14.4 oz organic olive oil

2.4 oz organic cocoa butter

3.4 oz sodium hydroxide

8.7 oz distilled water

2 Tablespoons ground Zeolite

½ oz peppermint essential oil

You can make this soap using the hot process or cold process soap making methods.
Full videos classes and information on how to make cold, hot and liquid soap are available at Soap Making School.

Happy Soaping!


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