Natural Cleaning Products and What You Should Know

Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning is becoming a big hit in so many people’s households.  There has been a big push towards environmentally friendly and safe products, that it’s becoming main stream and we can see more and more natural cleaning products on the grocery store shelf.

People are choosing natural products because of the environmental cost and hazards of the products in sewer and landfills, as well as the long term damage to consumers themselves.

Consumers are taking their health into their own hands and not depending on laws to look after their well being.  They are beginning to realize that product labels are misleading, inaccurate and unclear.  Label laws are not enforced as they should be.

Some companies don’t list all of their ingredients because they claim they are trade secrets.  Many times, these are the most hazardous ingredients in the products.

This means consumers can’t make educated decisions on which products they want to use. They can’t be sure which chemicals they are actually being exposed to.

The Consumer Safety Commission is understaffed.  They can only deal with the products that have the most complaints, injuries and even deaths associated with the product.

They don’t review the products before they hit the market, they only respond to the problem product as they become known to them as a hazard.

So why do we still use these products?  Simply because they work so well.

Non toxic cleaners are milder and it’s hard to compare them to the super cleaning power of toxic chemicals.  You can’t expect to spray a natural cleaner on and get magic results.

This is the point where you need to adapt a different attitude when it comes to cleaning.  You need to decide if you are willing to trade in your toxic chemical cleaners that are harming you, your family, and pets as well as the environment and begin using healthy, earth friendly cleaning products.

Once you make a choice to use natural cleaning products, you then need to decide whether you will make your own or purchase the products.

Personally making my own cleaning products is a better choice for me.  As mentioned there is an issue with proper labelling.  Ingredients are omitted and the term natural and environmentally friendly are over used phrases.

Many products that contain one or two natural ingredients use the term natural on their labels, even though the rest of the ingredients may be very unnatural or even dangerous.

Making your own natural cleaning products is safe economical and fun.  For more information on natural cleaning products, soap making and healthy natural skin care, check out Soap Making School.

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