Master Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base

Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base

Is Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base a valuable skill?

I have just completed making Transparent Glycerin Soap base for Soap Making School.  It was a pretty long video, almost an hour long.

The big question:   is it worth it to make your own Transparent Glycerin Soap, or should you just purchase a melt and pour manufactured block of soap from a supplier?

I will have to get some feedback from the members of Soap Making School to see what they think once they work their way through the video.

I personally feel like it is worth it making transparent glycerin soap base from scratch.  Mainly because it teaches you to take your soap making skills to the next level.

Making the soap from scratch can be fussy and time consuming, but in the end, you know exactly what is in the soap, you know you have completed a challenge that not many soap makers ever take on.

I find manufactured melt and pour glycerin soap to be misleading.  First we are told it is All Natural, then we find out several glycerin soap blends contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (one of the main reasons I went into soap making was  to learn how to make products WITHOUT it).

The other day I went into a soap and candle making supplier and was looking at their “All Natural Melt and Pour”.  It was colored with Lab Colors.  This is not natural.  I will get into that another time, but really, making your own Glycerin or Melt and Pour Soap is a very satisfying, yet challenging task.

I hope to get some feedback on the video from the Soap Making School members very soon.

If you are a member of Soap Making School and you have completed your 12 weeks of classes,

you are Soap Grad and have access to the Soap Grad Page.  This is where you take on Transparent Glycerin Soap Making and learn to make

your own melt and pour soap base.

For more information on how to make lye soap and handmade soaps as well as how to make liquid soap, please check out:

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