Making Skin Care Products Offers More Benefits Than Purchasing Off The Shelf Products

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Creating your own cosmetics and skin creams allows you to avoid harmful Ingredients.

It’s actually very easy to make skin care  products.  It’s similar to baking.  If you can bake a cake from scratch, you will have no problems with making your own skin products.
Over 90% of all ingredients in commercial cosmetic products are synthetic.
The problem with using commercial products with synthetic ingredients is that contaminates can be created during the manufacturing process.
Synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers and surfactants can contain contaminants.
They also fail to tell you what each ingredient is and its purpose in the product.

Cosmetics on the market are formulated to have a shelf life of over 3 years.  These cosmetics would have to contain major amounts of preservatives.

All preservatives are cellular toxins (if they weren’t, they would not be able to kill microbes).

By keeping your creams refrigerated and replace them every 2 weeks, you actually don’t need any preservatives.

There are no products that can satisfy the needs of everyone, since we are all different when it comes to our skins needs.

Cosmetic companies cannot give you this individualized attention, but you can customize any skin care product once you know what your needs are.

Many beneficial ingredients are banned from cosmetics by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The CRF (Code of Federal Regulations) defines cosmetics as substances applied to the skin for cleansing,
beautifying and promoting attractiveness without effecting the body’s function or structure.

What does this mean???

The cosmetics that have ingredients with actual skin altering benefits, fall under the strict drug industry.

In order to comply with these regulations, cosmetics are not allowed to have enough of the beneficial
ingredient in the product to change or cause a change in your skin.

The amount of the ingredient added is so minimal or insufficient that might as well not even be present.  This is also another reason to make your own skin care.  The cosmetic companies are actually not allowed to affect your skin.

Any type of cosmetic that actually has enough ingredients to help with anti aging and wrinkle removal would have to be sold over the counter as a drug.

In other words, don’t waste your money thinking that the $80 or even the $180 cream that you just bought
is going to cause a change.  By law, it is not allowed to.
When you make your own, you do not have to follow the CFR, and you can use ingredients that will actually help your skin.  You no longer need to waste a fortune on false promises.
There is so much information and knowledge about natural ingredients because we have been using them since the beginning of time.
Individualize and make your own skin care products to your specific skin needs.

You have choices when you make your own products.
Much more control than if you are purchasing off the shelf.

Choosing to make your own soap and other beauty products might be one of the best, most intelligent decisions you could ever make.
You would have the softest, healthiest skin possible.

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Take care and happy soaping



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