Making Organic Liquid Soap

I just finished making some Organic Liquid Olive Oil Soap, and just wanted to comment. 

If you are a soap maker and have never tried soap making with organic oils, you really don’t know what you are missing.

I don’t know if it’s  psychological, but the oils just seem different.  They act differently, they are richer, more colorful, and just smell better.

I have made a lot of olive oil liquid soap (also known as liquid castile soap) over the years, it’s always beautiful and rich and creamy, not to mention there are so many things you can do with liquid castile, but there is just something about using organic olive oil, it almost makes me not want to use the soap  because it’s so special. 

Most Castile soap is either a light beige or a light green.

When I use organic olive oil, it seems to be a darker green.

My point is, if you have not tried making organic natural soap, give it a try.  It makes the whole soap making process much more pleasurable.

Happy Soaping


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  1. yes, me too! i wouldnt mind giving the castile soap a try, i normally work with CP and M&P processes, so maybe liquid soap will be a nice change 🙂

  2. Wow! seems great! 🙂
    Wanted to ask if you could advise me on how to prepare liquid soap. I have done only regular,solid soap but willing to experiment with liquid soap.Heard it could be used as a shampoo, right? am dying to change my regular shampoo to organic,SLS-free shampoo 🙂 Thanx

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