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Natural Skin Care

People have known for a long time that water and oil do not mix.  There is a way to make them bind in natural skin care products.  That is with the use of an emulsifier.

An emulsifier is able to go between the oil and water to bring them together.  Oil brought together with water using an emulsifier is called an emulsion.  Lotions and creams are emulsions since they are water, oil and emulsifiers.

The only major difference between one lotion and another is the choices made when it comes to those 3 ingredients.

There are so many oils, also known as emollients to choose from, both synthetic and natural.  The combinations  are endless.

Once you get the method down and learn about lotion making, you can build on this skill and create any kind of lotion or cream you want to.

All you need to do is focus on your goal.  Dry skin, normal skin, or acne prone oily skin, it’s all about the ingredient choices you make.  If you prefer to stick to natural skin care, you can choose from a huge selection of natural emollients.  The best choice for emollients is always oils that have been cold pressed.

Cold pressed oils are clean and contain all of the benefits such as vitamins, essential fatty acids and unsaturated oils that are valuable to your skin.

It’s important to choose cold pressed oils for your natural skin care because many modern processes that extract oils actually remove the benefits from the oil.

Only about 8% of cosmetic manufacturers use natural emollients exclusively in their products.  That means 2% of the cosmetics on the shelf contain mostly synthetic ingredients.  Over half of these ingredients have caused skin reactions in a section of the population.

Creating your own natural skin care is the best skin care option available to you, especially if you choose organic skin care.

Another choice you need to make when you are creating your lotions and cream is the emulsifier you choose.

The emulsifier is the ingredient that brings the oil together with the water.  You should choose natural emulsifiers for natural skin care products, this ensures the best skin care possible, since very few synthetic emulsifiers are harmless.  Emulsifiers are the greatest cause of skin reactions along with fragrance oils which can contain toxic by products.

Most natural emulsifiers include a wide selection of natural waxes.  These are a perfect choice.

The last ingredient is water.  If you want to add a few benefits to your natural skin care products through your water ingredient, try infusions of herbs or teas.  You can use organic tea if you are intending to make organic skin care.  This will make your lotions and creams extra special.

For more information on making the best skin care products for you, as well as natural soap making, why not try out Soap Making School.

You can make your first batch of soap in the first week through detailed soap making videos and  instructions.  It’s not only an online soap making class, Soap Making School also shows you instructions on making beauty products through cosmetic making videos that teach you how to make lotion  and natural cosmetics.

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