Liquid Soap Making Course

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During this course you will be creating pure and natural liquid soap from coconut oil, olive oil, Soy oil, Almond oil and Hemp Seed oil. You will then be testing it to make sure it is ph balanced and skin safe. Once these base soap is completed, you will learn how to use them to make other products.

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This method of liquid soap making is very traditional
and natural.

We are bombarded with so many chemical in our liquid soap and detergents
that we don’t even realize how harmful they are.

This is true liquid soap making and it will not
dry your skin like detergent chemicals.

Liquid soap making is similar to hot process soap making to a point.

There are a few differences such as the alkali we will be using.

For liquid soap, we use Potassium Hydroxide instead of
Sodium Hydroxide.

You will be learning to make 5 different Liquid soaps.

Coconut, Olive, Soy, Almond, and Hemp Seed.

They each have different characteristics
and they all are slightly different to make.

Once you start to use natural liquid soap,
you will notice how it fits right into your
routine.  Never having to purchase harsh
chemical cleaners, never having to worry about the environmental
damage you are causing.

Natural Liquid Soap
is both environmentally friendly
gentle on your skin.  

What you'll learn

Who this course is for

Baking Soda

citric acid

Cocoa Powder

coconut oil

Coconut Oil Liquid Soap

distilled or purified water

distilled water (or rose water, orange water, etc)

essential oil 

grapeseed, jojoba, almond or Rose Hip Oil

ground Coffee

hemp seed oil

Hemp Seed Oil Liquid Soap

Herbal extract (Yarrow, Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root, etc)

Natural Liquid Soap (I use Coconut Oil Soap, use whatever you like)

olive oil

Olive Oil Liquid Soap

potassium hydroxide

soy oil

white vinegar

witch hazel

 Coconut Oil Liquid Soap
 polysorbate 80 
 Sweet Almond Oil Liquid Soap
almond oil
Xanthan Gum