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Creating Self-Care Products to Balance and Cleanse Your Chakras

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Creating Self Care products to Cleanse and Balance your Chakras allows you to personally look after your Chakra System.
7 weeks of video and live sessions to help you understand each of the Chakras and how to balance and recognize when they are out of balance. Full information to help heal and restore yourself. You will be making several products to use for cleansing and detoxifying your energy points.
Join anytime and work through each chakra with us.

$85 US

Here are the products you will be making:

Soy Wax Chakra Candles (set of 7)

These candles include a specific stone for each of your Chakras.

Aura Cleansing Spray

This spray will be specifically designed by you to protect you and an area surrounding you. It's a wonderful spray to use after you have had a difficult encounter.

Refocus Bath Candies

The warmth of your hands and your focused attention to forming a compressed bath goody will help infuse these pretty candies with all your good intentions.

Protective Vegan Bath Milk

This wonderful bath milk will protect all the work you have been doing on your chakras and keep you balanced and ready for changes.

Energizing Bath Salt (Set of 7)

These bath salts are a great way to end your day, infused with the chakra you are working on.

Chakra Soda (Set of 7)

These fizzing bath goodies are wonderful as a pick me up. They can be used as a foot soak too.

Speak Your Truth Bath Tea

This tea allows your throat chakra to balance and energize. Making it easier to decide what is right for you.

As Above So Below Bath Vinegar

This beautiful bath vinegar is antibacterial and great for getting in touch with your crown chakra's messages.

Chakra Roll-On (set of 7)

Each chakra oil roll-on will be intended for your individual 7 chakras. It's infused with special herbs and essential oils to activate each chakra it was intended for.

Find Your Joy Foot Soak

The indulgent foot soak not only moisturizes and hydrates your tired feet, but it also puts you back on track with your bliss.

Courage Hand Balm

Sometimes you need a little push to get the hard stuff done. This hand balm will send some bravery your way.

Let it go - Body Sugar

Letting go is part of balancing your heart Chakra. It allows some space for forgiveness and gratitude.

Trust Yourself Body Spray

Taking a leap of faith and knowing everything is going to be okay is what this spray is all about.