Cold Process Soap Making Course

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Cold process soap making is the foundation for all other natural soap making techniques. The difference between conventional soap you find at the drugstore versus handmade soap is huge. Once you start using natural soap, you can never go back to commercially made soap.

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You can make a recycled soap mold to hold your fresh 2 pound batch of soap. A video and directions will be given in the course.

You will learn how to make an organic soap recipe that you can call your very own, from the base oils you choose, to the colours, exfoliants, and essential oils.

Please note, I do not recommend using artificial fragrance oils, only pure essential oils.

There are many choices for natural colours. Some of these colours are typical and others are very unusual and creative.

We will be watching the unmolding and cutting of a  freshly made batch of soap so you will know what to expect when your soap is ready to cut.

We will take a look at different ways to wrap and package your soap, how to cure it properly and when you will be able to use it.

What you'll learn

Who this course is for

Indigo powder or ultramarine blue
Olive Oil
Natural Gold Mica or turmeric
Coconut Oil
Distilled or filtered Water
Sodium Hydroxide
Quebracho powder or cocoa powder
Myrobalan powder or turmeric powder
Essential Oil
Soy Bean Oil
wine or beer
organic goat's milk or any vegan milk (coconut, hemp, soy)
jojoba, hemp or sweet almond oil
Lot's of ice!!