Natural Skin Care – The Best Skin Care

Natural Skin Care People have known for a long time that water and oil do not mix.  There is a way to make them bind in natural skin care products.  That is with the use of an emulsifier. An emulsifier is able to go between the oil and water to bring them together.  Oil brought

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Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base

Master Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base

Is Making Transparent Glycerin Soap Base a valuable skill? I have just completed making Transparent Glycerin Soap base for Soap Making School.  It was a pretty long video, almost an hour long. The big question:   is it worth it to make your own Transparent Glycerin Soap, or should you just purchase a melt and

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Soap Making School Is On Facebook

Soap Making School Is On Facebook!

Hi Everyone; I have just created a facebook page for Soap Making School. You can find it here: Soap Making School On Facebook Come and visit the page.  Let’s get some soap chatting started. Rene

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hot process soap making method allows for lime essential oil

Essential Oils as Preservatives in Lotion Making and Cosmetic Making

Making Skin Care Using Essential Oils Essential oils are a natural and powerful preservative, but aren’t often used to preserve cosmetics and store bought lotions and creams. The oils are generally used for scent when making skin care, and taken very seriously when it comes to real aromatherapy.  Essential oil comes from flowers, leaves, grasses

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