Welcome Uttuh – Our Palm Oil Free Soap Making Inspiration

This is  Uttuh She is an Indonesian Orangutan who was rescued from a palm oil plantation by a wildlife organization. They think that her mother was probably killed, since Uttuh was left in the middle of the plantation road. When they found her, she weighed 8 lbs, but now she is 16.5lb.  She is completely

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spider be gone spray for soap making school

Spider Be Gone Spray…. This REALLY works.

I love spiders, I think they are wonderful and useful creatures that keep all of the annoying  insects in line. This is a picture of one of my spiders.  He looks like he is on holidays with a picture of Mexico in the background. I really think they are beautiful, but when they grow to

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Making Organic Liquid Soap

I just finished making some Organic Liquid Olive Oil Soap, and just wanted to comment.  If you are a soap maker and have never tried soap making with organic oils, you really don’t know what you are missing. I don’t know if it’s  psychological, but the oils just seem different.  They act differently, they are

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