soap making school videos to fix your soap

Soap Making – How To Fix Your Messed Up Soap

When is it okay to lose hope in a batch of soap? At what point do you admit to yourself that the batch of soap you made is just not worth saving? I don’t think any soap is beyond repair. About 13 years ago I made a batch of soap and was in the middle

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Soap Making School woulkd like to thank all of the support they received for their Palm Oil Free Soap Making products and classes.

Palm Oil Free Soap Making Challenge

This Post is dedicated to everyone who has supported Soap Making School and Karma Suds. By purchasing the Rainforest Series Soap and taking Palm Oil Free Soap Making Classes in Vancouver Canada, I was able to send a few donations off to Camp Leaky. Camp Leaky is an orphanage for Orangutans who have lost their

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Selling Soap at Craft Shows – Mistakes I have made part 3

Part 3 Mistakes I Have Made While Selling Soap at Craft Shows Here is part 3 of the Craft Show Mistakes I have made.  These are pretty important ones and have made a huge impact on how well I have done at Craft Shows and Farmer’s Markets in the past.  I hope you can learn

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Selling Soap at Craft Shows – Mistakes I have Made Part 2

Booth Display For Natural Soap at Craft Shows and Farmer’s Markets I have made many craft show mistakes over the years since I started on my soap making path in 1997.  The best part is that I have learned from them. I shared 2 with you in the last post, and here are 2 more.

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Selling Soap at Craft Shows – Mistakes I Have Made – Part 1

Mistakes I have Made Selling Handmade Soap at Craft Shows Selling your handmade soap at a Craft Fair, Craft Shows or Farmer’s Markets is a great way to build your business. You are not only exposed to a target market of consumers who love natural and handmade products, but you also gain experience with both

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Natural Exfoliants in Soap Making, Face Scrubs and Body Scrubs

Keeping your soap and skin care natural is getting easier and easier.  All the new ingredients available to us is growing all of the time. Here are some interesting natural exfoliants that are available to natural soap and skin care creators: Baking Soda or sodium bicarbonate is very easy to find and cost effective, this

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