Natural Cleaning Products and What You Should Know

Natural cleaning is becoming a big hit in so many people’s households.  There has been a big push towards environmentally friendly and safe products, that it’s becoming main stream and we can see more and more natural cleaning products on the grocery store shelf. People are choosing natural products because of the environmental cost and [...] Read more »

Soap Making Should Include Healthy Natural Colors

Soap Making and Cosmetic Making Colors Color is a big part of our lives, it attracts us to objects and it makes us feel good.  There is no reason why we can’t use color in our soap making techniques and natural skin care, but it’s important to know what color sources are  safe to use. [...] Read more »

Natural Skin Care – The Best Skin Care

Natural Skin Care People have known for a long time that water and oil do not mix.  There is a way to make them bind in natural skin care products.  That is with the use of an emulsifier. An emulsifier is able to go between the oil and water to bring them together.  Oil brought [...] Read more »