Using Natural Indigo Blue Color in Soap and Cosmetic Making

I have always been interested in unusual natural colors. This is what attracted me to Indigo Blue. The color comes from the indigo plant, Indigofera. It’s native to India and is the oldest  natural blue color known to man. The powdered color is rich and dark blue to purple once it is harvested, fermented and [...] Read more »

Making Transparent Glycerin Soap

I have just completed my Transparent Glycerin Soap video for Soap Making School.  It was a pretty long video, almost an hour long. The big question:   is it worth it to make your own Transparent Glycerin Soap, or should you just purchase a melt and pour manufactured block of soap from a supplier?   [...] Read more »

Soap Making School Is On Facebook!

Hi Everyone; I have just created a facebook page for Soap Making School. You can find it here: Soap Making School On Facebook Come and visit the page.  Let’s get some soap chatting started. Rene Tweet Read more »

Essential Oils as Preservatives in Lotion Making and Cosmetic Making

Making Skin Care Using Essential Oils Essential oils are a natural and powerful preservative, but aren’t often used to preserve cosmetics and store bought lotions and creams.   The oils are generally used for scent when making skin care, and taken very seriously when it comes to real aromatherapy.  Essential oil comes from flowers, leaves, [...] Read more »

Avoid Animal Testing By Learning Soap Making and Cosmetic Making

Make Skin Care to Avoid Animal Testing This is a tough topic to talk about,  but it’s important, and it starts with each and every one of us. Making your own beauty products and soap appeals to the concerns of animal lovers and vegetarians. You can be certain there has not  been  testing performed on [...] Read more »

Stop Being a Cosmetic Test Subject

Natural Skin Care In the last few decades, so many studies have been done all over the world that links cosmetic ingredients to cancer and skin disease. Thousands of medical articles have been written to prove this. The majority of people who suffer adverse effects after using off the shelf cosmetics,  lotions and creams  never [...] Read more »

Making Skin Care Products Offers More Benefits Than Purchasing Off The Shelf Products

Creating your own cosmetics and skin creams allows you to avoid harmful Ingredients. It’s actually very easy to make skin care  products.  It’s similar to baking.  If you can bake a cake from scratch, you will have no problems with making your own skin products. Over 90% of all ingredients in commercial cosmetic products are [...] Read more »