how to keep your soap following FDA regulations

Soap Making FDA Regulations – What you need to know

Soap making FDA rules should be followed if you sell your soap in the US. Many of my students from Soap Making School have been asking me what they need to do to take their soap making craft to the next level and start selling.  Since the majority of my students are based in the

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Beauty Bars and Cleansing Bars vs Soap – 2 different Products

Beauty Bars, Cleansing Bars and Soap One of These Things is Not Like The Other Beauty bar and cleansing bar companiescannot use the term soap on their labels. Why is this and what is the difference betweenbeauty or cleansing bars and real soap. Let’s begin by exploring exactly what soap is. Soap Soap is created

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Glass in Your Store Bought Commercial Soap

Did Someone Seriously Put Glass in Your Store Bought Soap?

How You Know if There is Glass in Your Store Bought Soap Glass is only one shocking ingredients that might be in that store bought soap. Since I started making soap in 1997, the question I get asked most:  what is the difference between commercial soap and handmade natural soap? There are several differences, but

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