Beauty Bars and Cleansing Bars vs Soap – 2 different Products


Beauty Bars, Cleansing Bars and Soap

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

Beauty bar and cleansing bar companies
cannot use the term soap on their labels.

Why is this and what is the difference between
beauty or cleansing bars and real soap.

Let’s begin by exploring exactly what soap is.


Soap is created when a chemical reaction between oil and alkali happens.

This is the major difference when comparing Beauty Bars and Cleansing Bars vs Soap.

The oil can be any type of oil, either animal or vegetable.

The alkali can be either sodium hydroxide for bar soap or potassium hydroxide for liquid soap.

Since the alkali is a water soluble ingredient it will need to be mixed into a water or other liquid before it is added to the oil.

The oil and alkali added to liquid is then blended and emulsified (brought together)

This mixture of oil and alkali would then begin the chemical reaction called saponification.

Once this reaction is complete the oil component is no longer an oil and the alkali component is no longer an alkali.

Natural soap is created from the reaction between the oil and alkali.

This method has been used since civilization began and is the only way to make natural healthy soap.

a stack of cold process soap

The resulting product is called soap.

Soap comes from the word saponification.

This brings us to comparing actual soap to the beauty and cleansing bars.

Beauty Bars and Cleansing Bars

When you compare cleansing bars vs soap, you are usually not aware that there is a difference.

Most of those beauty or cleansing bars on the market consist of sulfate and
other chemical-based cleaning ingredients,
they are not authorized to use the term soap
since this product did not go through the saponification process.

The fact is, they are detergents. Such as Dial.

Natural soap is much different than using a detergent to clean your skin.

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