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Creating Self-Care Products to Balance and Cleanse Your Chakras $85

Chakra Balancing with self care products.


Haircare, Masks, Scrubs and beyond $32

Dry Shampoo, conditioner, masks, scrubs, cleanser, toner and make up remover plus a wonderful night serum.


Bath Indulgences and Candles Course $32

Bath Bombs, oils, bath salts and bath teas along with candles to make your bathing extra special.


Lotions Butters and Balms Course $32

Moisturizers, body butters, lip balms and foot balms to sooth tired feet


Liquid Soap Making Course $72

Make Liquid soap with natural oil. This is not surfactant soap with Sodium Laureth Sulphate or other detergents. It is a natural process soap that you can use for shampoo, hand washing, laundry, surface cleaner and skin care use.

Hot Process Soap Making Course

Hot Process Soap Making Course $68

Hot Process Soap allows you the freedom to add special ingredients such as vitamins and delicate essential oils that would otherwise not survive the Cold Process Soap Making method.


Cold Process Soap Making Course $62

Learn to make soap step by step then I teach you to create your own recipes using a foolproof formula to make any soap with any oil you choose.

complete package course for soap making school

Complete Package Course $94

Complete Package Course includes Cold Process Soap Making Course, Hot Process Soap Making Course, Liquid Soap Making Course, Lotions, Butters and Balms Course, Bath Indulgences and Candles Course, Haircare, Masks, Scrubs and Beyond Course and much more such as Cream Soap Making and Glycerin Soap Making