A Weekend in an Enchanted Forest

A month ago, while I was selling my soap at a day market, a lady approached me and invited me
to be the soap vendor at an art festival.  She told me I would be a perfect fit.

I had not heard of this festival before and I was already booked into a day market for the 2 weekends of the festival.

For some reason I changed my mind the following week.

I called Mary, the coordinator and owner of this festival and told her I was interested.

She sent me all of the vendor information I needed and asked me to come take a look at the venue.

When I arrived at her home and Art Gallery, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful forest and garden on her property.

She showed me the spot where I would be setting up and I could hardly speak.

The spot was along a path inside a forest of her 3 acre property.

She told me I would love my neighbours and I fit right in.

This last weekend, July 14 and 15, was the first weekend of the festival.  It was like being in a dream.  The whole setting was perfect and the people who attended were wonderful.

I could not ask for better neighbours. Here is a bit about them:

Jack Prasad – He is an artist and teacher.  He taught me how to paint a tree and showed me a few techniques that even I could do.  I will be looking into lessons with Jack in the future.

Neil Hamelin- Neil and his beautiful wife Cheri were such wonderful neighbours.  I had great conversations with Cheri.  Neil was very busy the whole time.  I hope he is resting up for next weekend.
Neil’s paintings were so detailed, they look like photographs. He has only been painting for 2 years.

Terri Elverum  – Terri and her husband Darrel were right next to me and her display caught my eye right away.  She has rocks that were painted to look like strawberries and all kinds of other painted rock animals and houses.
Very talented lady.  I had lots of fun with her and she used to be a soaper too.

Vivian McMillan – Vivian makes wonderful pottery that is nature inspired.  She starts out with the actual leaf or plant and creates the pottery from it.  All of the profits from her art goes to children’s charities.
Her dedicated son Andy was helping her out at the show.  What a great guy!  Vivian does not have a website.

It’s so hard to describe the setting.  As you go further into the forest, you come across each individual vendor.  The artwork is spread out in their own areas.  As you go along the path, you meet the next vendor and so on.

The festival is filled with over 100 vendors and artists.

You really do need at least 2 full days to see everything.

If you are in the Vancouver / White Rock area, it is really worth it to come to the festival.

There are 2 days left, Saturday July 21 and Sunday July 22.

Here is the website:


July 29………..

As a final note regarding the festival.

I had the most wonderful time.  The weather was not great but I will never forget the 2 weekends I spent in Mary’s Forest.

It is going to be very difficult to top this experience and show.  I will see everyone next year.

Mary,  thanks for your amazing effort in keeping the show running smoothly.  You are a fantastic organizer and an

incredible woman.  Can’t wait for next year!!!!!!

Take care and happy soaping!!


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