Stop Being a Cosmetic Test Subject

Cosmetic Test Subject

Natural Skin Care

In the last few decades, so many studies have been done all
over the world that links cosmetic ingredients to cancer and
skin disease.

Thousands of medical articles have been written to prove this.

The majority of people who suffer adverse effects after using
off the shelf cosmetics,  lotions and creams  never report it.

That’s because it is such a wide spread issue.  People
just discontinue use just as the package says to.

A large list of cosmetic chemicals that cause health risks
was published in a book called “Health Risks in Today’s

There was a sample survey done that tested 20,000 different
off the shelf products.  Over 80% of the products had one or
more of the risky ingredients that have caused documented
problems in both humans and animals.

Less than 1% of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) budget
is allotted to the cosmetic industry.  The rest of the budget
goes to food and drugs.

Cosmetic products that do not go through retail channels
are exempt from FDA regulations.

In other words, products used in the hair profession
and beauty salons are exempt from labeling and disclosing
the ingredients of the products.

Few of these professionals are aware of this danger.  The
risk of cancer in this profession is 4 times greater than
the general population.

There are only 2 ways to protect yourself from harmful
and expensive cosmetics.

#1 Create your own natural skin care.
#2 Be careful choosing the cosmetics you purchase.

If enough consumers make themselves aware of what should be
avoided in skin care, then the companies that do not stop
using the harmful ingredients will eventually disappear.

There is no long term testing of toxic ingredients
happening in the cosmetic industry.

Consumers are involuntarily being used as test subjects.
There needs to be thousands and thousands of proven
documentation that a certain ingredient is the real cause
of a particular problem.  Because most of the problems are
never reported, the ingredients are not taken off the market.

It really is up to us to protect ourselves.

In conclusion, the FDA is understaffed and under funded
when it comes to keeping on top of the cosmetic industry.
We need to take our healthy skin into our own hands.

The best way to do this is to learn as much as we can
about the ingredients that we put on our skin.
Synthetic fragrances can cause headaches, dizziness,
rashes and skin irritations.

Paraben used as a preservative cause rashes.

Under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. sec 301),
cosmetics and their ingredients are not required to be approved
before they are sold to the public, and the FDA does not have
the authority to require manufacturers to file health and
safety data on cosmetic ingredients or to order a recall of
a dangerous cosmetic product.

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