Testimonial #1

"As a new resident to BC, a woman with challenging skin and as an expanding artisian,
I came across Rene's hot process soaping class online.

This experience was fulfilling as I have been making soap with Rene's recipe since her class one year ago.
Rene provides a learning opportunity that is visual and organized.
Rene is genuine and radiates ease with teaching and providing thorough instruction through her information package.

Rene offers quality materials to reflect an all natural soap product.
Rene's information has allowed my skin to heal and improve naturally
as well as introduced a business opportunity of my own.

I would recommend Rene not only as a teacher but as a resource
to those new or old to the soap making process!" - Katie

Katie Legere


Testimonial #2


I took my first cold process soap making class in September, 2009.
I was instantly addicted to soapmaking.

However, the curing time was killing me. A month later, I met Rene and attended her class.

Rene’s technique of hot process soap making gives you more control over the finished product.
It allows you to use about 1/3 of the essential oils and specials oils you would use in

CP soap making but allows you to retain more of the skincare properties of these oils.
Since my class with Rene, I have made 33 batches of HP soap. Rene has been there every step of the way.

I’ve bought several books and done a lot of research online.
However, none of that beats Rene’s many years of experience and knowledge.

Whenever I come across a challenge or something goes wrong,
I can always consult my Encyclopedia of Soapmaking, Rene. She has done it all and more.

She loves to share all that she knows about making natural skincare products.
That warmth and openness comes from a deep rooted passion for what she believes is the right way
to live and care for yourself.

When Rene told me she was going to put together an E-Book and a website to share all her wisdom
from years of learning, testing and doing, I thought: how lucky are we!

We can now access that refined knowledge from inside our own kitchens.
Thank you once again, Rene. You are a natural skincare guru!

Annie Ni

Testimonial #3

A friend and I attended one of Rene's soap making classes and we loved every minute of it!
We were impressed by Rene's extensive knowledge of both the history of soap,
and how to make it using a variety of ingredients to benefit your skin.

She also provided many examples of how to colour, cut, mold, and wrap soap, but also
encouraged us to be creative. After taking her class, I have made two more batches of soap on my own.
I absolutely love that in less than two hours,
I can make a batch of soap with the oils and fragrance that I prefer,
or create the perfect gift with a personal touch.   

Alison Young 

Testimonial #4

I took a soap making course with Rene in 2008
and consider myself very lucky to have found and to know a teacher like her. 
Rene is an incredibly insightful soap crafter and educator. 
Her attention to detail and organizational skills made everything so uncomplicated and really fun. 

 What really impressed me most about Rene (and still impresses me to this day)
is her motivation to follow up with her students and her willingness to share her experiences with you.

 Her enthusiasm and love of the craft shines through and makes all the difference.

Soap making has brought such positive energy into my life and I hope that it will bring the same to you.

Joanna Karel

Testimonial #5

I have made many batches of soap using the Cold Process.  
However, the unpredictability and time consumption of this method
often left me feeling less than satisfied. 

Because of this I decided to try Rene's class on Hot Process.  Boy am I glad I did. 

  Rene is an excellent teacher of this process. 
No longer am I unsatisfied with the soap I am making. 
The time factor is amazing. 
What would take up to 6 to 8 weeks with cold Process, now I can do in only 2 or 3 days. 

Thanks Rene, you've made soap making
more fun than I ever thought possible. 

Mark Ems 




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