Safety Information

This information is not meant to scare you it is meant to make you aware and turn you into a smart soaper.

The first thing I would like you to make sure you do is to get the number for the Poison Control Center in your area. 
Write it down.  Put it on your fridge or in an area near your telephone closest to where you will be working.

Do this before you begin making your soap. 
I hope you never have to use it, but it is there for you if you need it. 
Actually this should be on your fridge anyways. 
Life is full of accidents. 
It's best to be prepared.


The # 1 rule all soap makers must live by:  Always keep your ingredients and equipment safely out of reach. 
This is specifically true for the Sodium Hydroxide you are going to be using. 
This is a dangerous caustic (will burn your skin) ingredient and you must be careful
when it comes to using and storing it. 
Always have a spray bottle of vinegar with you when you are working with it. 
The vinegar immediately neutralizes the lye (sodium hydroxide).


If there is a chance that any of the sodium hydroxide has been ingested,
call the poison control center immediately.
In fact. before you go any further, get their phone # and post it on your fridge. 
Sorry to repeat this, but it's important.


Please do not attempt to make soap when there are small children present.   


I used to make soap after my children were safely in bed. 


Choose a time when you can create and will not be interrupted. 
2 hours is a reasonable amount of time when you are learning soap making. 
You will be able to streamline your soap making after you become comfortable. 
You will eventually be able to mix up a batch of soap in about 1 hour.


Keep your pets out of the room too!

Stuff happens... right?  So just keep everyone in your family safe,  including your beautiful pets.

You will be working with a stove for many of the recipes,
so please have a fire extinguisher near. 
Oil and heat together.....  well, it's good to be cautious and prepared.



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