What is Soap Making School?

Welcome to your personal guided tour into soap and cosmetic making.  Each class will consist of 5 parts or segments. 
If you haven't already taken a look at a small list of goodies we will be making, please take a look at this page.


The classes are $7 per week and are paid through Paypal.  If you don't already have a Paypal account, it's really easy to sign up for one.
This makes it very easy for you to control and Paypal has a great reputation.

The link to your new weeks class will be delivered to your email inbox. 
The new weeks class will arrive at about the same time each week. 
You can click on the link from there and you will be taken to a page of
videos and information that will have you soaping and making products like a pro.

Rather than have one long video, I have made several short videos
that are packed with everything you need to know for what you are making.

The classes build on each other and many of the projects will carry through to 2 or even 3 weeks. 
This does not mean that the product takes a long time to make, it means that there is a lot of important information for the product
and I might be showing you more than one way to make them. 
You can decide which you like better and everything you need to know will be available in the video.

If you have questions that can't be answered in the video, please email me. 
You will get your information either way.

It is also really easy to cancel the classes.  Though I hope you don't,
the classes will get really interesting as we explore deeper and deeper into the industry. 
As you learn new skills, there will be a major shift in the products we will be making.

If you do decide to cancel your classes,  
you will always have access to the classes you have already taken. 

You can put yourself on Back Burner Mode if you get too busy, then pick up where you left off. 
This is handy when you are going away on a trip.  You do need to let me know you are going on
Back Burner mode though, since I will be deleting any cancelled members.

If you have any questions on any of this information, please send me an email.


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