Cancelling your classes and removing yourself from the Soap Making School is easy
and can be done any time before your new week of classes begins.

Here is how it's done:

#1  go to Paypal



#2  log into your Paypal account using your Paypal Password




#3 click on "profile"




#4 Under the Financial Information heading, click on "My preapproved payments"




#5 look for "Soap Making School" and click on the name.


#6 Under the Subscription Details, click Cancel


#7 You will be asked by Paypal if you are sure.  Click yes.  You are now unsubscribed!!


#8 You should receive a confirmation email from paypal that you have unsubscribed.


#9  If you do not want to cancel and just want to put your classes
on hold temporarily, please go to the
Back Burner Page to learn more.




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