About me



My name is René Whitlock and
I am a full-time soap maker and soap making teacher.


My goal is to share everything I know and have learned since
I started my soap making journey back in 1997.


I want to save you from making the same mistakes I’ve made over the years
and open you up to the incredible possibilities that
soap making and skincare has offered me


I believe there is room for everyone who’s interested in this industry
and I want to be able to guide you through some of the challenges you may face.


I run a soap making school out of my Vancouver Canada downtown studio
and have taught thousands of people to make soap.


I’ve watched so many people fall in love with the process.


Skincare and soap making is my life.

I only use organic oils, natural essential oils and
eco-friendly ingredients in my online and local classes.


Come check out the site

local classes in Vancouver Canada


online classes weekly for 12 weeks or complete package


soapmaking ingredients and products


Take care and happy soaping.
Rene Whitlock

Please feel free to email me anytime at: