Soap Making – A Solution to Your Lumpy Topped Hot Process Soap

crazy hot process soap at soap making schoolSoap Making – A pretty top for your Hot Process Soap

One of the many questions new soap makers ask me is how to make the tops of their Hot Process Soap look more like the tops of their Cold Process Soap.

The truth is there is no real way to do this.  The texture is completely different and almost immediately after you pour your hot process soap it begins to cool and harden.


You really have no time to work with it at all.  The best you can do is sprinkle some herbs on the top and push them in hoping that some will stick.


You can also shred a little bit of colorful soap scraps and push them in for a confetti top appearance.  I have even made soap curls out of cold process scraps and pushed them into the top of the soap.


Basically the appearance of the top of your hot process soap will never match the beautiful swirls you can make with cold process soap.

So why not have the best of both worlds?

cold and hot process soap combinedsoap making school

Who says you can’t have it all?

Begin by making the hot process soap, and finish off with cold process on the top.

The secret to success for this method is preparation.

You need to be ready with the cold process.  You can’t let the hot process cool and settle for too long or you will miss the bonding opportunity.

As soon as possible, you will need to add the cold process or the 2 will separate.

This soap is one of my Intention Soaps.

There is an actual semiprecious stone inside the soap.  You can read about them on this page:

Maybe I should make a quick video showing you this cold process over hot process method.

I would love to hear some comments on this method.  I have not seen it anywhere else, like many ideas, this method came to me as a solution to a problem.

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  1. Since I love the hot process method I bought a really nice soap plane made by soap togs a couple of years ago. It nicely shaves the sides and bevels at different angles to get that jewel like edging if you want it. That was the first solution I came across in hot process soap making. I’m not sure if he still makes them, but there are others.

  2. ChristineMM says:

    Creative solution. Although if I am going to make a CP soap at the same time as HP why not just make only CP? And what about cure time, don’t you then lose the short cure time of HP If you have to cure the top for 4-6 weeks for the CP part?

    Thanks for your blog posts. Appreciate them.

  3. Hi,
    I’m new in the cold process and have found your website amazing, with plenty of recipes and new gr8 ideias. I’ll share it in my blog. And please feel free to visit my online store of Soaps from Brazil at:

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