Using Natural Indigo Blue Color in Soap and Cosmetic Making

I have always been interested in unusual natural colors. This is what attracted me to Indigo Blue.
The color comes from the indigo plant, Indigofera. It’s native to India and is the oldestĀ  natural blue color known to man.

The powdered color is rich and dark blue to purple once it is harvested, fermented and then dried.

Real Indigo color is not easy to find. In 1865 a German chemist, Adolf von Baeyer, produced a synthetic indigo. Most Indigo color comes from synthetic sources now because of the cost.
Natural Indigo has antibacterial benefits and it’s a beautiful color when used in Soap Making and Cosmetic Making. I experimented with it for quite awhile, using it in both cold process and hot process as well as natural liquid soap making. It turned out to be a very user friendly natural coloring that stays blue even in cold process soap making.

Indigo Blue Soap is the very first cold process soap that we take on in week #1 of Soap Making School.

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