A Bath Bomb Video From Soap Making School

Hey everyone, here is a link to a new Bath Bomb Video that I made.  Hope you like it. http://www.soapmakingschool.com/hugskisses/hugskisses.html I love to mix and match the bombs, Vanilla with Lavender, or Grapefruit with Vanilla is yummy. Have fun with these and let me know what you think. Tweet Read more »

The 2 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin Your Natural Soap Making Business

There are many important questions that you will need to ask yourself before you are ready to start up your soap making business. Once you have these questions answered, you will have a much better idea of how to proceed.  There are 2 essential questions to ask yourself, and the answers will be the foundation [...] Read more »

Turning Your Soap Making Skills into a Business

So you want to make soap for a living.  So many people have asked me how to start a soap making business. It’s like any other business to a point.  You need to decide on a name to begin with.  Your name should reflect how you want the world to see you.  Take your time [...] Read more »

When It All Began – A Soap Making History

Soap making traces it’s way back to prehistoric times. The Babylons made soap during 2000 BC. It was formed from ashes and fats from the food they ate. During the Roman era, soap was made from Goat and Wood Ash. Throughout history, each era brought its own different soap making methods. Sodium based alkali is [...] Read more »

Follow Your Passion in Soap Making to Find Your Perfect Soap Market Niche

When it comes to soap making, there is a niche market for everyone and room for everyone who makes soap. Soap Making is a very general term. There are so many routes to take in the craft, so the niche market choices are endless. Let’s look at the different types of modern soap. There is [...] Read more »

Give Your Skin a Fighting Chance by Avoiding Damaging Chemicals in Your Lotions and Soap Making

Creating your own cosmetics allows you to avoid harmful ingredients. It’s actually very easy to make your own products. It’s similar to baking. If you can bake a cake from scratch, you will have no problems with making your own skin products. Over 90% of all ingredients in commercial cosmetic products are synthetic. The problem [...] Read more »

The Choices You Make During Soap Making Can Ruin Your Natural Soap

Are you drawn to commercial soap thinking that the claims they make for healthy looking natural skin will benefit you, then you find that the soap is just as drying as the others? Don’t feel alone in your struggles, most people feel this way about soap and the fact that it strips your skin of [...] Read more »

Soap Making School – Soap Grad Status

Hi Everyone I have just completed and posted week 12 of Soap Making School classes.  Week # 12 is the final week.   That means that every member who began in the first week will be moving into Soap Grad Status. So what is Soap Grad Status? Once you have completed week 12, you will [...] Read more »