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I've been making soaps & lotions for some time now,
Before I joined soap school I thought I had all the basics covered.

Was I wrong.

Thanks Rene.

Bill From N.Y

Vancouver BC

Loved the hands on course to make cold process soaps. I look forward to taking other classes with Rene. She is a great teacher, She is very talented and lots of fun to work with. Thank you. Hope to see you in class again soon! Virginia Hallett

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The thing I really enjoy about the Soap making School is the fact that you are never to busy to answer
question and when it seem you take the time to make sure students are engaged just to make sure everything is okay.

The information that provided is easy to follow and I really love the fact if you missed something you can just
watch again and as previously stated if there is a question you are just an email away!

You don't leave students out on a limb an the answers you provide are never vague.

I'm really enjoying this process

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Vancouver, BC

In June, I took your Cold Process organic soapmaking class as a way to help my boyfriend. He has a lot of skin allergies and sensitivies. We've tried many commercial soaps promising us the moon and stars that it would be the answer to his ailments, but stil no luck with his skin. For a few years, he has just used water and a cloth, no soap at all. Then I decided to give your school a try. When I made my first batch of coldprocess soap, containing goat's milk, 50%coconut oil, 50% olive oil and vanilla w/lime essential oils, I gave it to my bf to try. He said that this is the only soap he can use now because it doesn't irritate his skin, and nor does he need to slather on cream afterwards due to dryness. I'm very impressed, and I want to make more, for the both of us.
Thank you for giving us this wonderful option. I've already signed myself up for the lotion making course.
Many thanks

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Rene, words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am for finding your website/school. I have learned so much and I am definitely no longer afraid to make soaps. I have made lotions, bath bombs, so many things.

Very anxious to learn more.

Rene you are so helpful and very quick to answer any questions that I may have.

Thank you.

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London England

Before I found soap making school I was spending a lot of time searching the internet for information.

I found a lot of the info contradicted itself.

I felt like it was a better idea to take the classes from someone who has been teaching for a long time.
I found Rene’s classes and have never looked back.

Every question I ask her she was able to help with. I have not been able to stump her yet.

This lady has been a fantastic source of information.

Even though I finished paying for the 12 weeks of classes, the videos keep coming.

Rene seems to have no problem sharing information that most professionals would keep to themselves.

The real value comes from the information she shares from years of experience.

Thanks Rene. You have no idea how grateful I am to have found you.

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I've become a confident soapmaker thanks to Soap Making School. But really the best thing is that

Rene is right there if you have any questions.

And being able to access the videos online whenever I need to has been great.

If you're not sure if you'd benefit from this online school or not, trust me, you will.

I looked for a long time before I purchased the program

and I'm so glad I did. Rene is a careful instructor who always keeps safety at the top of the list.

Here's a picture of a couple of kinds of soap that I made using oil infusions.

Happy Soaping!

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While beginning my venture into soap making, I ran across Rene's Soap Making School and I am so glad I did. I not only got educated on soap making but got the added bonuses of Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, Hair Masques....the list goes on. Rene has a wonderful way of teaching that makes you go.....AW, that was easy!! Do yourself a favor..... sign up today!

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Vancouver, Canada

As a woman with challenging skin and as an expanding artisian, I came across Rene's hot process soaping class online.

This experience was fulfilling as I have been making soap with Rene's recipe since her class one year ago.

Rene provides a learning opportunity that is visual and organized.

Rene is genuine and radiates ease with teaching and providing thorough instruction through her information package.

Rene offers quality materials to reflect an all natural soap product.

Rene's information has allowed my skin to heal and improve naturally as well as introduced a business opportunity of my own.

I would recommend Rene not only as a teacher but as a resource to those new or old to the soap making process! - Katie

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I completed this course the beginning of 2014.
I cannot say enough about the wealth of information I gained in learning how to make soap.
The video demonstrations are great and the instructions are clear.
Rene is always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interest in making soap.

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I' am a french soapmaker living in France and when I discovered soap making school, I was eager to learn more about soap making.

Because this is what is magic with soap making, you always learn something new.

Rene's videos and tutorials are full of information and are so encouraging.

Thanks for all your tips and tricks that you give as well in your blog.
I will definitely recommend Soap Making School to my fellow soap makers !

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Rene, the hair bar is one of the best shampoo bar I ever used. It makes my hair clean and soft. My mother and brother both love it. I recommended it to one of your student Janet and she is looking into the classes.

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Mississauga, Ontario

I am a licensed hairstylist by profession. It has always been my dream to make my own product lines
and I am so happy to have stumbled upon Rene's Soapmakingschool while I was looking for a cosmetic making workshop.

I must admit I was skeptical at first since her fee was reasonably lower than those I have searched.
But then, I gave it a try. I have decided not to pay the whole course and just opted for the $7.00/week.

It was the start of a new career for me. Rene's video is so clear and the audio is also audible.

You can clearly understand what she is saying. Rene is also there for you to answer your emails if her student
has questions. I remember making my first batch of soap, I felt like she was beside me yet it was her video guiding me.
I would strongly encourage you to take the whole course as there's more to learn after graduation.
The grad page is full of videos about skin care products. As I am writing this, I haven't even begun most of
what's in there. I am already busy making soaps, lip balms, foot detox, bath salts, serums and lotions.

Rene, thanks a lot. Enclosed are two pictures which I hope will make you happy.
I am where I am today because of your wisdom and your selfless desire to share what
you know to those of us, your students.
Best Regards,

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Vancouver, Canada

A friend and I attended one of Rene's soap making classes and we loved every minute of it!

We were impressed by Rene's extensive knowledge of both the history of soap,
and how to make it using a variety of ingredients to benefit your skin.

She also provided many examples of how to colour, cut, mold, and wrap soap, but also encouraged us to be creative.

After taking her class, I have made two more batches of soap on my own.

I absolutely love that in less than two hours, I can make a batch of soap with the oils and fragrance that I prefer,
or create the perfect gift with a personal touch.

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Vancouver, Canada

I have attended all the classes possible with Rene, and it has been fun, exciting and great learning. We made cold process soaps, hot process soaps, liquid soap, wine and beer soaps, body sugars, laundry detergents, scrubbing bubbles and the list goes on. Each class is full of her positive energy and enthusiasm, you almost breathe her passion for soap making, which she infuses in all her students. She encourages us to create our own recipes without fear, guiding us along diligently, explaining every step carefully and in great detail. I learnt the how's and why's of ingredients used and it helped me in creating my own soap recipes.
I have been back at her studio since, to make some more soaps for my family and it has been the greatest joy. I am excited and looking forward to my lotion and cream making class with her soon.

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Montreal, Canada

I took a soap making course with Rene in 2008 and consider myself very lucky to have found and to know a teacher like her.

Rene is an incredibly insightful soap crafter and educator.

Her attention to detail and organizational skills made everything so uncomplicated and really fun.

What really impressed me most about Rene (and still impresses me to this day)
is her motivation to follow up with her students and her willingness to share her experiences with you.

Her enthusiasm and love of the craft shines through and makes all the difference.

Soap making has brought such positive energy into my life and I hope that it will bring the same to you.

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I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about making bath and body products.

I was able to figure out an issue I was having with my soapmaking after the first and second lessons!

Rene is great in that she will answer any questions you email promptly.
This soapmaking course is money well invested.

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It's been 4 years since my daughter found a book free at our local library about soap making,
but it was so not clear I couldn't use it, even I was facing skin challenges with my children.

I am sooooo happy that I found your classes, simple, clear and a back up support so friendly.

My goal is to become as experimented as my teacher Rene !

Thank you.

Pitt Meadows

Love it, Love the products and Love you. I think I would love to do what you do…. 🙂 Thank you for brightening my spirit

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Out of all the videos I've seen online or on You-tube your's the best.

You take your time to explain how, what, & when to do things and most of all I really appreciate how you omitted the noises when teaching.

There is nothing worst than missing an important vocal part in a video because of background noise!

You are very encouraging and people friendly.

Whatever question I'd ask or problem I've had, you always get right back to me with an answer or a solution and that's much appreciated by me.

So, I would never hesitate in letting people know where they can learn recipes and techniques for soaps and such.

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Thank you Soap Making School for such great classes...very detailed.

I love the close communication channel kept between us to support my every inquiry.

Very Satisfied, would recommend to all soap makers even if it is to

perfect or refresh your skills or even toss ideas.

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Vancouver, Canada

I took my first cold process soap making class in September, 2009. I was instantly addicted to soapmaking.

However, the curing time was killing me. A month later, I met Rene and attended her class.

Rene's technique of hot process soap making gives you more control over the finished product.

It allows you to use about 1/3 of the essential oils and specials oils you would use
in CP soap making but allows you to retain more of the skincare properties of these oils.

Since my class with Rene, I have made 33 batches of HP soap. Rene has been there every step of the way.

I've bought several books and done a lot of research online. However, none of that beats
Rene's many years of experience and knowledge.

Whenever I come across a challenge or something goes wrong, I can always consult my
Encyclopedia of Soapmaking, Rene.

She has done it all and more.

She loves to share all that she knows about making natural skincare products.

That warmth and openness comes from a deep rooted passion for what she believes
is the right way to live and care for yourself.

When Rene told me she was going to put together an E-Book and a website to share all
her wisdom from years of learning, testing and doing, I thought: how lucky are we!

We can now access that refined knowledge from inside our own kitchens.

Thank you once again, Rene. You are a natural skincare guru!

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You are really a very good, teacher, formulator that I have confident to follow your receipes and teaching. I did make some soap from your recipe, my friends like it very much.

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I purchased the Complete Package Class and consider it some of the best money I have ever spent.

I am a great user of the public library system and a devourer of information online.

I was a little reluctant to spend money for information which seemed to be available at no cost.

There is a difference, though, and I fully believe it is worth the money.

Rene teaches a very thorough class. I have learned about products I had not thought
I was interested in- like candles and cosmetics.

I had not thought I would be making liquid soap- I had read it was difficult and results not always guaranteed.

After watching the videos, I know how to make it, and adjust so I get the results I want.

The course includes a wide range of subjects from cosmetics to lotions and scrubs to cold process,
hot process, and liquid soaps, even candles and bath salts.

Rene also discusses packaging. Whether for sale or gifts, presentation really makes a difference!

Rene teaches very well. She offers clear videos which are extremely well narrated.

The videos are supported by written materials, a tremendous bonus.

There is a huge advantage to watching a process and then being able to read about it.
There are some things in soap and cosmetic making where a photo is not as helpful as a video.

The quality of Rene’s videos is outstanding.

I appreciate the earnest YouTubers who share their explorations online,
but I get distracted by the sights and sounds of their home lives in the background.

Rene speaks in a calm, clear voice and there are no choppy camera movements.

We see only her work area, not her kitchen. Best of all, no birds or teenager noises.

I appreciate that Rene offers palm-free recipes.

So many of the “classic” recipes rely on a product I am not willing to use.

It can be daunting to see an interesting recipe only to look at the ingredients and realize
I cannot use it. Instead of adapting, I can turn to the wealth of recipes Rene includes
and choose a suitable recipe.

Of course, always run your recipes through a soap calculator just to be sure!

Rene includes a wealth of knowledge about essential oils.

I really appreciate her blend suggestions because I am a scent coward.
I love the guides she includes listing oil properties in table format.

She even lists which oils go together, so if I decided to explore my own blends,
I would have a good place to start.

I learn best when I feel I am learning from an expert.

Rene has impressed me with her knowledge and integrity.

I shudder to think of the online tutorials which suggest melted crayons
as an appropriate soap colorant.

There is another person who does not measure her oils exactly and who
even suggests substituting without using a soap calculator!

I am very grateful to Rene for her education efforts about the cost of palm oil.

I appreciate her position on essential oils as opposed to fragrance oils.
I feel very comfortable creating and using products I have made under Rene’s tutelage.

Perhaps best of all is Rene’s generous availability to answer questions by e-mail.

It is very comforting to know that you can get your particular questions answered.

Yes there are soap making discussion boards, but again, the answers are only
as good as the participants. If it is going on my face, I want to know it is safe.

I trust Rene completely.

I purchased the Complete Package Class because I knew that I would be too excited

to wait a whole week between classes.

It has allowed me to dive in deep and soak up a lot of information about soap and cosmetics in a short time.

However, there is plenty of information in each weekly lesson to keep a student occupied
until the next installment.
I am extremely satisfied with my purchase!


Hi Rene,
I am taking this opportunity to say a big thank you for the love, patient and professional way you have always handle questions if asked. You are really a teacher indeed. i have tried almost all the recipe in the videos and because of your step by step and explaination teaching, i have now open my own little soap business called "Olihealth"with confidence. Although i live in america i shipped my final products to africa where i come from so that is my target market. And amazingly they love the soaps,scrubs and the body lotions. I will definately recommend you to anyone who want to learn this business or make their personal products.

By the way i sent you a email that i forgot my password to the member forum page, they sent me a link to follow but it keeps coming as error browse or unauthorized page can you please help me out.

thanks very much

Burnaby, BC

Love my first class in cold processing and look forward to taking my next class soon. Instructor went step-by-step and made it a easy process for first timers. Highly recommend this class and will be posting it on my Facebook page

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Vancouver, Canada

I really really loved the cold soap class I took with you in early May. I have given away two bars of my first batch, and plan to give 4 more bars to friends over the next couple of weeks, so I need to make more soap soon! 🙂 I'm still using the beautiful bar you gave me from class so we wouldn't cheat on the 6-8 wk curing process! 🙂 Love the texture of the suds and the fragrance and the way it makes my skin feel. 🙂

I'll have a look to see if any of the classes work with my summer schedule, and hope to see you in your lab soon!

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Taking this class was the best thing I have done in years.

I absolutely loved every class!

Rene's techniques and step by step instructions are without fail the most uncomplicated to understand.

I feared making soap using sodium hydroxide so I would buy melt and pour not knowing for certain
all that was in the soap.

But one day I was challenged to go a step further and make my own soap that way I was certain of the ingredients.
I searched over the internet for two days reading different classes and schools,
then I came across the soap making school and what was offered here was more and better priced.

I love the hands on approach of Rene,
I love that she is available to answer question via email.

As I said taking this class was the best decision I made in years,
it has changed my life and my financial future!

I got more than my money's worth over and over again.

Thank you Rene!!!

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I think a lot of who we are stems from where we came. The struggles in life are not obstacles but opportunities.

I am on a journey to improve my life and help others to improve theirs. This has been my goal probably all of my life. I teach nursing students and work per diem in a local ICU as an RN. My new passion however is making natural & healthy products with the guidance and teaching provided by Rene at Karma Suds/Soap Making School.

My children, husband, sister, mother all love the products that I have made & now have new friends taking an interest in my healthy products. I was naive as to the chemicals present in my body products, thinking they were safe...I now know differently.

I have learned a lot about the differences between detergent and soap & am more conscious of the marketing techniques used to appeal to the average consumer. I am most proud (and encourage) use of essential oils in my products. Even my candles. I appreciate the detail provided that explains the benefits of various essential oils that not only smell great but have many positive effects on and in the body in a way no fragrance oil ever could.

I absolutely love the video classes, they are very thorough and I can access them at any time. When people ask me where I learned to make such wonderful products, I am very proud to tell them I learned from Rene through her classes at soap making school. Her classes are life changing and well worth the invested time.

It doesn't matter who you are or what your background is...if your interested in making your own products to improve your body, mind, and spirit...then I would recommend becoming part of the karma suds/soap making school family. I love it! Thank You Rene,

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When I first became interested in making homemade soap I searched the Internet and quickly got overwhelmed with information.
There was just to much information to sift through. Then I found Soap Making School.
I am so very glad I completed it because I learned everything I needed to know about soap plus many more products.
It gave me the foundation I needed to start selling my soap, all in one place!

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I originally tried to learn how to make soap by reading books, watching videos on
YouTube, and joining free online classes and forums. But I had so many questions
with no way of getting them answered using only these sources.

So I searched online for an interactive school and decided on yours. And boy am I glad I did.

My first impression was: WOW!!! So many questions were answered just watching your videos
and reading your guides. And what questions remained, you quickly answered via emails.

And now with the Soap Forum up and running I find myself learning from the questions other students are asking.

The content of your school and the quality of your video classes, blog, and forum are top notch.

I am continually amazed at how much time you are willing to give to your students and how much

of your trade secrets you are willing to pass along to us.

You are awesome and I can’t say enough good about you and your school.

I am so happy I joined it and became one of your students.

Thank you Rene,

New York

Best class ever - never knew I could learn to make soap so easily and the skills and knowledge Rene provides in one day is enough to give me confidence that I can do this and learn even more. Thank you 🙂

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Hi Rene, I thoroughly enjoyed all your online classes and especially enjoyed meeting you in person when I was

visiting my sister in Vancouver. I heartily recommend all your classes to anyone who had even a passing interest in making their own soap.

I have been using the soap I made from your video and have loved it! The soap I have made has truly been wonderful and the people I have shared it with are

also most appreciative. Keep up the great work!

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I’m a visual learner so the Soap Making School has been perfect for me.

It helped me develop a high level of confidence in my abilities as a soap maker.

The information is organized by classes which build upon skills learned in previous classes.

When I first started out I would use the videos while I was making a batch of soap so

I could make sure I was doing everything right.

This self-paced program is perfect for a busy life.

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I can't say enough good things about Rene and her Soap Making School. She is a wealth of information and a great teacher. One thing I love about her is her promptness in answering all my questions. I have truly learned so very much about soap making from her. The videos are well designed for maximum learning and I refer back to them over and over again. Rene I'm just glad to be associated with you and always look forward to new videos and information. Oh and one final note. The investment is so worth the knowledge that comes from being a member.

Thank you Rene for all you do.

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Richmond, BC Canada

I have made many batches of soap using the Cold Process.

However, the unpredictability and time consumption of this method often left me
feeling less than satisfied.

Because of this I decided to try Rene's class on Hot Process. Boy am I glad I did.

Rene is an excellent teacher of this process. No longer am I unsatisfied with the soap I am making.

The time factor is amazing. What would take up to 6 to 8 weeks with cold Process, now I can do in only 2 or 3 days.

Thanks Rene, you've made soap making more fun than I ever thought possible.

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I have learned so much from the soap making school and Renee. Her instructions are clear, videos are well done and I have found her extra added hints to be very sound. Her years of experience come through.

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If u are thinking of the next step in hobby, business or career, Rene soap school is your best stop.

I have been overly amazed at the amount of information and materials available.
I learnt soap making, lotion and all kinds of body care product in less than a month.

I dare say that i feel i have cheated Rene for the price i paid to learn all of this.

It is worth a lot more anywhere else.

I am ever so grateful for this school Rene.

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Hi Rene,

I've been studying and looking at what you created in your school... The Soap Universe!

I'm amazed at all the information you created for us! I feel your passion, your creativity,

your details, you are an incredible dedicated woman that cares immensely and the thing is,

you never saw us or met us in person but I feel your presence! As you may know I live 30 minutes from

Washington DC if I lived closer, I would've helped you

in any way I could. I don't know how you do it! But I want to thank you for it with all of my heart.

Thanks for all the assistance you gave me in times of "Panic" I always got an answer.

You are amazing! Thanks for everything Sincerely Bruno

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The Complete Course of Soapmaking has something for every level of soapmakers.

You not only teach the howto's of making truly ALL Natural soap products,
you also include an overall wealth of other educational information.

Learning to make and blend essential oils are some of the pluses that you provide in the Complete Course.

I like having the videos to accompany the ebooks, which is a great way of learning.

You are always prompt to answer my questions and help me with my many soap disasters.

I have now crowned you with the well-deserved title "The Soap Genius"

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I purchased the complete package and it far exceeded my expectations.

Every video is very detailed and there is a wealth of knowledge that Rene shares.

Thank you

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I want to Thank you, for your continuous up dates and concerns.

I would like to say, right from the beginning of the class you gave good understanding to making soap
for people that were just starting to make soap.

I have learned a lot from the classes that you offer.

You were always willing to help out and willing to listen.

I look at all the videos over and over to make sure I am understanding everything that you are teaching.

I don't have pictures because I use the soap that I have made.

When I get my coconut in I will send you some soap pictures.

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One of my New Year's resolution was to come-up with my own natural products line,
I wanted to experiment with all natural soap making.

So.. i decided to venture the net and find on-line classes.

Started requesting information from a list of schools i found.. however!! there was
one email that stood out the most.

Her approach, her prompt response and helpfulness got my attention and i knew

I have found my mentor and teacher right away.

I love how she takes her time and explains everything down to the tee.

Rene is the best , I have learned so much from her, I feel like as long as she is there

I can make anything and create so much.

I love how she answers my questions when I'm stuck in a middle of experiment
and her suggestions are always right on.. Look no further, she is the best!

Thank you Rene ~

brooklyn, NY

The class was delightful, impressive knowledge and understanding of the world of soap.
I was also impressed by the use of all ethically sourced materials, it makes a huge difference to know how much Rene cares about all aspects of the products she makes and inspires us to make.

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Although I have been making soap for several years, I am always looking for new information and techniques. I was pleased to find your site. Your videos are very good for us visual learners and you provide a wealth of information from your own experiences. The course is valuable to anyone seriously interested in making soap. Thanks for continuing to provide new information for all of your grad students!

New York Open Center- class assistant

Hi Rene
I really enjoy the class.
Thank you again for your amazing Spirit, knowledge and a lot of fun,

Pitt Meadows

I absolutely love the products and I LOVE what you do!! Thank you

Pitt Meadows

I absolutely love the products and I LOVE what you do!! Thank you


Hi Renee,

You taught me all about soap making 2 years ago and I am pretty sure I’ve written to let you know how grateful I am to you for all of your classes.
You started out with such a simple recipe where I felt a sense of accomplishment after having followed your steps and created a beautiful bar of soap.
I love the consideration you take in sourcing your ingredients and the care you take in every detail, from creating our own soap molds to wrapping each bar.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to grow my soap making skills a step at a time and for allowing me to go back into the lessons and revisit them again and again.
You’re the greatest!
Jean, California

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I learnt to make cold process soap some years ago now but always had difficulty getting certain fragrances to stick & had many differing versions on the amount of water to use. I actually only wanted to purchase the Hot process soap making, but ended up purchasing the full course instead. So glad that I did, as I did not realise what a wealth of information was going to be available to me. And for the first time in my life, I am happy with the outcome of my hot process soap which I had always avoided after trying it once or twice and never having had good results.

So far, I have made a Goats milk & lemon Myrtle Hot process and the Rooibos tea and Vanilla one. They are just wonderful and were ready to use in a few days. I think I will now make many more of the HP soaps instead of the CP ones. I am most impressed and the formula for finding the correct water amount is easily understandable, once I actually looked at the formula & worked it through.

Thanks for a great course!

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University of Ibadan,Ibadan, Nigeria

I have "learnt" how to make natural soap (emphasis on learnt), both liquid and bar. From the different liquid soaps, I have made shampoo, bath gel and natural laundry soap. The bar soap is so great for bathing! I have also made facial serum, cold cream and lip balm. I will be making the others as soon as I lay hands on the ingredients. And the packaging styles I learnt from your video are so beautiful!

I have learnt that soap making can be safe, healthy and wholesome, and creative fun! I would love to recommend your soap making school to others here in Nigeria.

Thank you so much, for the privilege to be your student!

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I have learned in only a week more then I have in about 5 years of making soap with.....Hot-Process Soap Making School with Rene. Rene sets it all up perfectly so they we learn each area in a certain method, so we grow with each lesson. We need to know and understand certain elements to go on to another aspect of not just soap making but learning and completely understanding why and the what I'd all we are creating. Best decision I have ever made. Never really understood the process of the recipes ands ratios of butters and oils and SAP values but no more. Rene really explains it and fixes us worksheets for all of it. AMAZING school. Thank you Rene, best school ever.


I thought that the class was fantastic, well organized and elegantly presented. Highly recommended, will definitely be attending more classes and learning all of the processes. Thank you Karmasuds!!

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I've always wanted to open a small business that would benefit people
and also offer a great product.

I found soap making school online and started the course.

Rene is great and the classes taught me everything I needed to make natural soaps,
serums and creams.

Now I have many clients, friends and family using these amazing products,
I love knowing what I am putting on my skin!

I participate in green expos and the soaps are always the success!

I highly recommend Rene, she goes above and beyond to help you
and make sure you know what you are doing with confidence.

This course is priceless!!
With love, Rose Carvalheiro-Springville-USA

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Vancouver BC

I went into this class not knowing what to expect or what would happen.
Rene had everything broken down into easy and straightforward components. If that was not good enough she had a DVD with a step-by-step process so
we could do it when we left the class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. I went to the class and when
I went home, my friend wanted to make a batch. So, we made one and she thought it was so neat just to see how it gets made and all the natural ingredients that were used.

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Hello Rene,

Thank you so much for all that you do!!!

I don't know how you have time to answer individual questions all the time but you do.
I have asked a ton of questions and you are always there with a response to get me going. Your knowledge is just unbelievable!!!

I am still blown away by all the videos you have made. And you are still adding more!!! The videos are simply fantastic; they are so easy to follow.

I simply can't thank you enough for starting me on this new path in my life, and for helping me along the way!!

God bless and take care!!