Soap Making School Video Previews

Soap Making School Preview Videos

Check out all 12 weeks of Soap Making School Previews.

On this page you can click on each individual video and see exactly what is covered in that week.


You will notice that Soap Making School is far more than just soap making classes.

Some of the recipes and products that you will  learned are:

Cold Process Soap Making

Hot Process Soap Making

Liquid Soap Making

Hair Care Products

Natural Skin Care

Candle Making

Spa Product Making

Lotion and Cream Making

Aromatherapy Products


There are so many different products that you will be learning to make that it’s best to check out the preview videos to get a better idea.

Once you complete the 12 weeks at soap making school, you become a Soap Grad.

This means you no longer pay for your membership ( you become a lifetime member), you will be given access to

The Soap Grad Page.

You will have your own password and will have access to many more videos and recipes.

Some of these recipes and videos include Skin Care Masks for every skin type, videos on how to make and use your own

Melt and Pour Soap Base, Almond Oil Liquid Soap Making,  making  your own Herbal Extracts to add to your natural products

and much more.


Click here now to watch the Soap Making School Preview Videos

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