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I thought I would just be interested in learning cold process and maybe hot process for my own use
but never would I have thought I would go so much further!!

I now have started selling the products I make!!!

Rene, your classes are invaluable. What you teach is priceless.
You help us save the environment, our skin and money!
How many classes has anyone taken where the educator is
available long after classes are complete? Not many.

How many offer additional classes at no cost after the original
courses were complete? None.

You offer a one of a kind service that we are so fortunate to be a part.

I will be forever thankful for what you have done for me!!



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What is Soap Making School?

There are over 70 videos to learn from.  You can either watch them online or burn them to a DVD and watch off line.

Each of the videos come with a recipe and information you will need to make the products.  You can customize all of the products

in these videos and make them your own.  If you need help, come over to the Members Forum and bounce some idea off the other members.

You can also email Rene privately and she will help you.


Who Is Rene?

Soap Making School by Rene WhitlockHi  My name is Rene Whitlock and I run Soap Making School.
We are going on to our 5th year on line and the program has been growing faster than I ever dreamed.

Soap Making is my passion.  It has been since I began in 1997.
I have not looked back since.  I have been teaching for a good chunk of that time, starting with friends and other Soap Makers.

I began teaching larger groups over 12 years ago.  It’s been a blast and it has inspired me to make videos showing what I teach in my live classes.  My curious nature has allowed me to push myself into experimenting with many soap making methods that I have not seen before.

I like to look for a more logical simplified method for making soap.  If I can’t find one then I will invent one.  If it works out, it becomes the new method that I use and over time it becomes the norm.  I spent a big chunk of my time during my learning process asking the question why.  Why would someone want to complicate something that can be simple?

When I was learning, there was no Youtube, there were no online videos, there was no one to guide the way.  I like that because it forced me to figure it out myself.

It’s been a lot of fun soaping for the last 16 years.  My skin is better than it was when I was 25.  I am now 46 and I can honestly say natural soap and the skin care recipes I use every day has saved my skin and protected it through a lot of crazy years.

Hope to see you in the class!






This is the place to learn:

Candle making at Soap Making School

* Cold Process Soap Making
* Hot Process Soap Making
* Natural Liquid Soap Making
* Transparent Glycerine Soap Making
* Natural Skin Care
* Cosmetic Making

* Lotion Making
* Chakra Balancing Products
* Natural Hair Care Products
* Natural Cleaning Products
* Natural Soy Candle Making
* Aromatherapy
* Essential Oil Blending and Recipes



How Do I Join?

You have 2 options for joining Soap Making School .

The weekly option

$7 per week for 12 weeks = $84:
Registration is through Paypal.  Here is the link to register for a Paypal Account

Each week you will receive a new link to your weekly videos.

These will arrive in your email inbox at the same time each week.
This depends on the time of day you registered for Soap Making School.  If it was at night, you will get your link at night.

There are 5 lessons in the weekly classes.

Once you reach week 12 you become a “Soap Grad”. You no longer pay for any of the videos
and you get access to the Soap Grad Page.

This is where you will find the advanced Soap Making Videos such as Wine Soap.

All of these videos are burnable to a DVD so you can watch them either on or off line.


The Complete Package Option = $84

This is for the Soap Making Enthusiast that can’t wait for the weekly videos.
They want all of the videos at once so they can work at their own pace.

I can relate to this group. I had to add this option for them.

As you can see, the classes are all the same. If you want to receive the classes weekly or all at once, it’s completely up to you.
Please watch them in order. You learn certain Soap Making Skills as you go along.
I put the classes together so that you can develop your skills little by little.

By the time you get to the Liquid Soap Making Videos, you will be comfortable in all the steps, you will know what to look for because you have developed your Soap Making techniques and are ready.
If you need support, you will be able to log into the members only forum and the group can help you through your challenges.



Now Available:

Soap Making School
Members Only Forum

forum for Soap Making School Members

This is a place for Soap Making School member to meet, exchange ideas, share information and talk about ingredient sources.

This is a place to inspire each other and discuss Soap, Cosmetic Making and Skin Care.

Once you become a member, you will  set yourself up with a login and password, then join the conversation!

– Each video is step by step and detailed.

– These recipes are all created by a soap teacher who has been in the business for over 14 years.

-Each step is explained thoroughly, but if you need better clarification, I am available for you through email.

Soap Making School is 12 weeks of on line soap making classes that teach you the
different soap making methods  and skin care recipes, all through on-line videos.


Several Soap Making School Members have gone on to create their own Soap Making Businesses.



Click Here to Check Out Some of The Ingredients We Use At Soap Making School



You can also choose to learn soap making
through weekly online video classes. 

Here are the details for Soap Making Schools Weekly Classes :


The first type of soap we take on is Cold Process Soap making.

This is the beginning and foundation of all the other soap making techniques.

Find out more about Cold Process Soap Making here.

You will be able to make a batch of soap after your very first week at Soap Making School.


soap making classes at soap making school

Each product that you will be making in Soap Making School, comes from my exclusive collection of recipes

that I have developed over the last 14 years.









During your time at Soap Making School,
you will work your way through 12 weeks of soap and cosmetic making videos.

Each week , on the same day that you registered (Monday, Tuesday, etc), you will be sent an email with a link to your new weeks classes.

Each week you will be charged $7 for your new week. I have had a lot of requests to purchase the full 12 weeks at once.
I have now added this option.  See the bottom of the page for more information.

The payments are made through PayPal.  If you don’t have a paypal account, you can sign up :  PayPal


If you would like to stop receiving the classes, you can easily cancel your membership.

You are in complete control of your membership, you do not have to go through Soap Making School to cancel, just follow the information on the information:
Canceling Your Membership Page



Sometimes you just need to take a break, or you are going away.  This is where you would put your membership on the hold for awhile.  You can find out more information on:
Back Burner Mode Page






Once you reach week 12, you become a Soap School Grad.

You then have access to a whole new area of Soap Making School.
New Recipes and Videos along with natural skin care formulas and new soap making techniques will be added to this area,
as well as an easy port to access
all of the 12 weeks.
You will be given a user name and password for this page once you reach week 12.

When you have access to the Soap Grad Page, you will take your soap making to a new
level where you will be making transparent glycerin soap from scratch, not a melt and pour kit.

Check out what the Soap Grad Page is all about




Here are just a few of the things you will learn at Soap Making School:


-Cold Process Soap making

-Hot Process Soap making

-Natural Liquid Soap making

-Making your own soap recipes

-fixing soap that has gone wrong

-Lotion making

-Massage Bars

-Bath Teas

- Hair Conditioners

- Shampoos

- Lip Balms

-Skin Care Products

- Bath Bombs

- Face Masques

- Hair Masques

- Bath Oils

- Laundry Soap

- Body Sugars

- Foot Lotion

- Spa Salts

-Facial Serum

-Aromatherapy Candles

-Natural Cleaning Products

- Many other products

The Classes are all available through video and are accompanied by the recipe and ingredients in PDF Format.

You will need Acrobat Reader, which is free here:



Some of the Ingredients we will be working with

click here

Here is what you will learn during week #1:


Week 1 includes a detailed step by step video and instruction guide on making a batch of Indigo Blue Soap. The soap is actually colored with natural Indigo. And yes, you will be able to make a batch of soap after your very first week.

Along with making a batch of soap on your first week, you will also be able to make a recycled Mold. It’s easy and there is a video for this too. In fact, EVERYTHING that you will be making in Soap Making School is presented to you through detailed soap making videos.


During week 1, you will also be able to see how to make bath bombs. I will show you what your bath bomb mix SHOULD look like and I will also make a batch to show you how NOT to make the bath bomb batch. All on video.

Week 1 also introduces you to essential oils. You will be given 10 essential oil blends each week that highlight that week’s essential oil.

This is just week 1, and just the beginning.

Cold Process Soap Making is the foundation of soap making.Once we hit week #4, and have made a few different batches of cold process soap, we move into Hot Process Soap Making Classes.

This is where the real fun and creativity begins. The rules change and all of those ingredients that don’t survive the chemical reaction of cold process soap are now available through hot process soap making.Hot process is NOT melt and pour and it is NOT rebatching.

Hot Process Soap Making takes the cold process method a bit further and you accelerate the chemical reaction before you add all of those wonderful oils and natural colors.

You will be shown how to make several batches of hot process soap, such as African Rooibos Tea Soap, Chocolate and Silk Soap, and Pure Lime Soap.

You will then learn how to make your own recipes and how to fix batches of soap that have no hope.Again, this is all on video.

Then it’s time to move on to liquid soap making.

Here is where we begin making pure cleaning products, amazing shampoos and face washes too.

All without Sodium Laureth Sulphate, or any other detergent or harsh chemicals.

The money you will save on laundry detergent alone will make you very happy you learned soap making.

You will be shown through video how to make Wonderful Hair Conditioners, Face Masks, Body Scrubs, Bath Salts, Fantastic Lotions and Creams, Lip glosses including a vegan lip gloss, eye shadow, candles and so much more.

The best part about it is EVERYTHING is made from natural ingredients.

These are all retail quality products.

Every product is marketable and I will give you lots of information on the business of soaping.









If you are ready to learn Soap and Cosmetic Making from a professional who has been in the business for over 17 years, go ahead and click the “Join Now” button below.

If you need help, just email me:



You have asked for the option to pay for all classes at once and have access to everything …….

Now You Can!!

See options below



Now there are 2 ways to join!!

#1 – Price: $7 per week


#2 – Price: $84 Pay For All 12 Weeks with Instant Access to The Soap Grad Page



Click the Join Now button To Choose Your Option.

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Secure Payments are made through PayPal

As soon as you have
purchased, we will send you your download details
instantly, even if it is 3am! Please check your
email for download details.

Remember, you can cancel anytime.  You are in
complete control because your membership is through